Custombikes with original Thunderbike Frames

Here you´ll find our latest original Thunderbike custom projects. Do you have any questions about a bike? Just write us an e-mail to or call us under (+49) 02852 / 6777-56. You can find our Custom Parts also in the Thunderbike Online Shop.

Dragster Freestyle Over Specials
Thunderbike RSR Life Fitness Thunderbike Dragster RS Stage II Thunderbike Dragster RSR Franks 1st One Thunderbike Dragster RS Daytona Thunderbike El Fuego Thunderbike R-Odynamic Thunderbike Dragster RSR Thunderbike Dragster RS Black

Thunderbike AP-Car Bike
Thunderbike RS-O
Thunderbike Dragster RS
Thunderbike Mystery
Thunderbike Matt Low
Thunderbike El Machico
Thunderbike Deep Black
Thunderbike Kreuzfeuer
Thunderbike No Excess Thunderbike RS-D
Thunderbike Giga Machines
Thunderbike Black Flame Freestyle
Thunderbike Dragstyle
Thunderbike Blue Flame Freestyle Thunderbike Radical Lowrider
Thunderbike Freestyle Deadhead
Thunderbike Thunderlick
Thunderbike Mirage
Thunderbike Red Scorpion
Thunderbike Black Spirit
Thunderbike Replay
Thunderbike Freestyle Black
Thunderbike Freestyle Thunderbike Down Under
Thunderbike Airstrike Highnecker Thunderbike Radical Over 26 Zoll Thunderbike Over The Top Thunderbike Flawless 2.0 Thunderbike Flawless Thunderbike Smoothless Thunderbike Radical Over Thunderbike Gothic Thunderbike Mikes Personal Thunderbike Green Over Thunderbike Orange Over Thunderbike Freestyle Over Thunderbike Crossover
Thunderbike Production-R Thunderbike Unbreakable Thunderbike PainTTless Thunderbike 25th Anniversary Bike Thunderbike Build a Billy Thunderbike Open Mind
Thunderbike Spectacula