Joker-Party Bildergalerien

Joker-Party 2003...
...megaparty at Thunderbike's!

Grey skies, a little rain, not summerlike temperatures. Andreas, boss and Thunderbike’s mastermind really had wished some better circumstances. Because the 2003 edition of the company’s Jokerfest should top the last year’s party. But whoever thought it not to become the last yer’s succes – luckily - failed. The faithful customers and friends gathered the place this year as well and made it a really huge party-event. They arrived up to dozen-bunchs on the road, just to turn over to beer, coke, pizza or fries. Hundered of meter streets filled with parked cars, 200plus motorcycles on the place and a big crowd of people made the Thunderbike-Team smile.

It would have been a mess, if Thunderbike’s plans would have failed. All kinds of food was withheld, two beer-bars were the central spots for the people. The bikeshow showed up with a number of very different bikestyles, from HD up to all species of jap-burners. In the backyard, weatherproff by a huge parachute-roof, two almost bare bikini-babes presented the secret hidden in a transport-box until then. The same box, out of which last year’s rolling chassis of the well known „Freestyle“ was brought to light.

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The event...
...we presents
Hard Attack vs. Isabella...
...bodypainting & photo session
Burn out... of show
The party...
...and the winner

Now the girls sat free the Thunderbike’s latest design-concept, the „Hard Attack“. It’s a unique new concept based on the Hardrace, but lower, more brutal and mean. It shows up with 1800 ccm, 87 HP and 174 Nm. The 280- rearrubber is obligate, the swingarm is a prototype, as well the rearfender- monocoque and the sidemounted numberplate. For all of the sportsfans after that the girls presented the Joker-Fest’s lottery-prize, the firered-and-darkblack Joker-Bandit. The girls danced around this spezial edition Bandit, built in cooperation between the speedcustomizers LSL and Thunderbike.
After that the people walked over to see the airbrush-artist Gerd de Kock live at work. As model he used the design of some great custombikes, as canves he painted on the bare breasts of the Models Kim and Isabella. After finishing a design, the matching bike and the sexy lady moved over to the mobile photostudio of bikephotographer „Wikinger“. He made the girls pose and turn, and many of the visitors took their chance to shoot their own pix. Whenever again will a normal biker be able to get chicks like that in front of his lens under somewhat professional circumstances. See?!
Especially lucky was visitor Hermann, who had birthday during the Jokerfest. With him and his bike sexy Isabella exclusively posed. A very nice birthday-gift for Hermann.
In front of the showroom-hall the made room for the speedfreaks. In the burnpit fighterpilot made the rearrubber of his GSX-R scream. Circle after circle he painted on the ground with the yelling rubber, while the white cloud took the peoples sight and breath. The crowd was running wild, as his wife sat down on the tank backward while he burned on.
Of the Thuinderbike-team wanted to burn as well. But what a mess! His tank ran dry and he had to wait a while in front of about 200 people before. After adding some gas he was able to give the rest to his tire. And in the end Olaf as well made the tire burst into two pieces hanging off the rim.
Now the moment of the official stage-opening came. The people came back to the backyard, where the owners of the bikeshow-winners got their cups. Overall winner was the last year’s first place V-Max again. . Again, a speedster was placed in front of all the cruiser-models!.
A very spectacular Batma/Catwoman erotic act came up. With a firespit-show and really nice choreography the well built dancers made the poeple scream.
After that the first set of „Major Healey“ was played. The retro-rockers showed up in the outfit of the glamrock-area and made a really happy and crazy show. The crowd sang along the seventies-hits as they would have done then.
In the break after the first hour the most important Jokerfest-thing was to do. They Joker-ticket wanted to be presented. Little ticket-assistent Annika drew the very one. Was already on his way home to Koblenz, as he heared the news by mobile phone. After a very short discussion the yelling crowd in front of the stage made him come back.
And right now was „Major Healey“-time again. An amazing show by greaat musicians, everyone a really great performer and a nice retro-rock setup. That’s haw the night began. And it was finished after the last guest leaving the place at about 4 o’clock in the morning. And again there will have been about 3000 guests, customers and friends who had gathered during the day just to party. A big success for a single dealer. Best wishes for 2004.


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